Roberto Ribas Realtor and Mathematics Professor.
I’ve been investing and working in real estate for over a decade. My background in mathematics enabled me to see the bubble coming. I have been researching housing bubbles and markets for many years now.


3 Responses to About

  1. Mary E says:

    Really enjoy your posts. Ditto.
    I expect there to be more manipulation by banks, Realtor groups, and the Feds attempting to contain this. But at some point more and more people will have to acknowledge the emperor is wearing no clothes. What’s that awful sound? The air leaking out of the balloon.
    BTW where does one locate you should they decide to use use for real estate transactions later on? Thanks Roberto.

  2. Roberto -How do I send you an email? I want to discuss the CME Home Price futures contracts and want to know the protocol for commenting on your site.

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