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Is the downslide in housing over???

Heck No!!!!! 1. buyer’s credit ending. The credit has pulled forward new home buyers, look for tepid new home buying for the next couple of years. 2. Waves of foreclosures coming. Several million are in the loan modification process. Few … Continue reading

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Scheduled foreclosures.

In Arizona, the foreclosure process is as follows: First, an NTR (notice of trustee sale) is filed. This notice cannot be filed until the homeowner is 90 days late on a mortgage, and must precede the actual foreclosure by 90 … Continue reading

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End of the buyer credits *except California.

What will happen now that the $8000 first time buyer’s credit is ending? Well, according to the real estateĀ  groups, apparently nothing. Quite surprising, considering how much they campaigned to get them! So, I’m not sure how a credit that … Continue reading

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